Written translation

UAB “Kalbų gausa“ specializes in translation
of texts of various kinds and of varying length, including but not limited to documents, reports, descriptions, technical, legal, and medical texts. Deliver the text in the way that you find most convenient; bring it to the office, or send it by e-mail or fax. Terms and conditions of the order can be discussed with the office administrator over the phone. In most cases, the client signs with us a contract in which discussed are all the terms and conditions; should the original text be short, you will only need to send the order and the letter of indemnity by e-mail or fax. We do not insist on advance payment; the client will be asked to pay for the complete translation.

Our staff, translators and editors put quality of the order completion and regard to the client and his/her requirements in their top priority. We make prompt and quality translations (as we consult not only linguists but also other experts of other relative fields). We provide impeccable document translations, as we not only pay careful attention to linguistic norms and the effective laws, but also consult lawyers, and have document copies and the authenticity of the translator’s signature notarized. We make sure that document translations into foreign languages and their execution are done in line with the requirements imposed by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All the client has to do is bring or send the document or text to our office and we will take care of all the rest!