For over ten years, translation agency “Kalbų gausa“has been providing translation services to business organizations and individuals. Experts in their fields proof-read and edit texts in Lithuanian and other languages, provide translation and interpreting services and mediate the notary attestation at the request by the client.

The great majority of our clients not only want their documents translated but also verified by the notary public. To make it clear for you, we are going to explain this process in the greater detail. The notary-public attestation of the document translation is a confirmation that it has been made by a qualified translator.

Since the notary-public verifies not the document translation itself, for they may not have any knowledge of the language, but rather the translator’s signature, it may not be verified if translated by someone-else.

Translations of standard documents, such as birth, marriage, and death certificates, certificates of conviction, declarations of residence, and passports, cost as full-page translations even if they are shorter in length.

The price of larger-scope documents, such as diploma supplements, parental permissions, authorizations, is set in accordance to the number of characters of the translated text (based on the language into which the translation is made.).

We apply the following manner in calculating the final price for our services:

We divide the number of characters of the translated text by 1,600 and thus get the number of pages translated. The translated document will be bound to the original or its copy and certified by the translated agency. The document-copy and the translator’s signature may further be verified by the notary-public.

If you are abroad or live in another city, feel free to send us a registered letter containing the original document. Once you have paid the bill, we will send you a registered letter with the translated document.

We have introduced to you only the general information about the services provided by our translation agency. For each individual case, please feel free to contact our consultants for further details.