English for the Little Ones: Preschoolers and Primary School Students

This course is designed for children aged 5 to 7. We believe you will agree that a good command of English obtained at an early age will help your child easily learn the language at school and beyond…

“English for the Little Ones” is the course delivered in small groups which guarantees that much attention will be paid to your child, and after the very first lesson you will see that they have made an improvement.

The latest teaching material will be used. Your children will be taught by a teacher who has worked on probation in Austria and Portugal.

The little ones will learn English by playing games, singing, listening to the teacher who will only use English in classes.

Once they have completed this preparatory course, the little ones will be fully ready to start their journey towards further learning because they will have been introduced to the vocabulary on the major topics, such as everyday items, family, animals, seasons, colours, numerals, etc. When the children will be halfway through the course, we will organize an open meeting with parents during which you will be presented with your child’s progress.

After the completion of the course, each participant will be given a certificate on the level of English achieved.

The classes take place every day (including weekends).

The duration of one standard class is two lessons of 30 minutes each.

For more information, please call us at 8 657 56375 or e-mail us at lelesiene.lina@gmail.com

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